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Converts track into route (OziExplorer *.rte or MapSource *.gpx)

Converter for OziExplorer tracks and points

Conversion *.plt в *.kmz and vise versa,
Conversion *.plt to *.gpx and vise versa,
Conversion *.plt to OziExplorer route*.rte,
Conversion *.plt to route *.gpx

Input formats   Output formats
OziExplorer tracks (*.plt)   GoogleEarth tracks (*..kml)
MapSource tracks (*.mps)   OziExplorer tracks (*.plt)

GPX tracks (*.gpx)

  GPX tracks (*.gpx)

GoogleEarth tracks (*..kml)

  OziExplorer route (*.rte)
NMEA tracks (*.nmea)  

GPX route (*gpx)

GoogleEarth tracks (*.kmz)   GoogleEarth tracks (*.kmz)

To convert track into route for Garmin devices:

1. Import track from device into MapSource
2. Save to *.gpx
3. Convert by OziTrackConverter into route (* .gpx). Preliminary setup how many the route will contain points.
4. Open route in MapSource, edit (if necessary), send to device..


Added conversion for tracks with depth values. This conversion makes creating map with depth contours easy.

Tracks with depth values you can get from Garmin GPSMAP 168 Sounder, GPSMAP 178C Sounder, GPSMAP 298 Sounder and other sounders, connected to GPS-devices.

Get track from device with MapSource program, save to gpx-format and convert.

- Utility can convert *.gpx to OziExplorer track (.plt)

- Utility can convert *.gpx to OziExplorer points (.wpt)

- Utility can convert *.gpx to Excel file (.csv) for import to Global Mapper. Set import settimg: Import type: Elevation Grid from 3D Point Data и Coordinate Column Order/Format: X/Easting/Longitude Coordinate First


Download: OziTrackConverter 1.33 (242 кб)

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